After Building Cleaning London

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After Building Cleaning London

We can clean your property before and after building works.

After our job is completed your property will be ready for refurbishment or to move in. Pre or Post Building cleaning is more intensive than other cleans. This is because everything has to be cleaned in your property.

Dust from sanding of plasterboards, wood, windows frames or floors gets everywhere. You can not get away with just doing parts of your property. In our experience you have no choice, everything need to be cleaned.

We find that after any new building has been finished you can find things that will need cleaning. Although builders will clean, they will not do it as a professional cleaning company in london. Why is that you may ask, it's because they build and we clean.

People always ask us how long will it take, we can not say for sure, it will depend on how big the property is how much building work you have had done and so on. We can only give an estimated time to complete the job at hand.

We at MK Londyn Professional Cleaning Services are in this business to do good job, we can assure you that we will not let you down.

We have cleaned a refurbished pub in Highgate, kitchens in St Johns Wood, newly built four bedroom houses in Barnet, indoor swimming pool in Hampstead, a penthouse in Chelsea Harbor and many more. See property images

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