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Handyman Services in London

We can offer skilled handymen from Europe that can deal with any request from general building, plumbing, painting, tiling, to fitting your dream kitchen.

We will assign and instruct your building needs in order for your handyman to fulfill what is required. We deal with organizing the work force, all you have to do is know what you want to be built, fixed, removed or taken down. You may already know that hard working builders are good value for money. They do not stop every half hour for tea, they work hard and do a great job.

Our hourly rate is now £40 per hour plus VAT, Parking and Congestion Charge. The daily rate is now £200 plus VAT, Parking and Congestion Charge. If you live or work in the zone

We have a call out fee of £40 plus VAT but we have a minimum booking of two hours. if the handyman can fix what needs doing then we will just charge you the two hours plus VAT, Parking and Congestion Charge if you live or work in the zone. But if the handyman can not fix it you will be charged the call out fee of £40 plus VAT and Parking.

Below are a few photographs that one of our handyman did for a client of ours in eleven days. They had a tile television installed in the bathroom, fully waterproof heated screen waterproof remote control and waterproof speakers that go into the ceiling. The job turned out very well. The client was very happy with the job and price. The client has already recommended him to other friends of hers.

Moreover once the work is finished we can send a team of cleaners to put your live back on track.


Take out old bath
Put in case for Tile TV
Tile around television
Put in Pool Spa bath & grout tiles
Put in radiator and test TV
Put mirror surround on TV front
Leave clean ready for your first hot bath since the work started

To find out more about our handyman service please give use a call on 0845 345 4621 or click here and fill in our form. If you're that person who is looking to get value for money, well we can help you. That's a fact.

We have two other websites one is named Polish this is not just for Polish it has all nationalities working with in. Also we have Build and Clean. both are divisions of MK LONDYN LTD therefore operate under the Terms and Condition of MK Londyn Ltd.

Build and


You can see more works from good professional tradesman. They can do work on your property. Then when the work is complete we will sent in cleaners to put your home back to how it was before the work started.

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It is so important get the right company to do the work you need. We will give you 100% commitment to achieving your dream kitchen, bathroom, garden makeover or refurbishment.