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It is essential to have the right security at your event. MKL SECURITY will make sure of your own and others safety. When booking your event security, please make sure that all the correct details are given. Many clients believe that they know better than the professionals of how many security they need on the night of their event. Often a client will call and will request one security guard for an event. It is normal for a security company to send two door supervisors. The reason for this is, if there is a problem inside e.g where one of the guests faints. You would still need one other door supervisor at the front entrance to make sure they still have control of the venues. If on the other hand the situation gets out of hand he can go for backup, its also easy to share the problem with other door supervisor and reach to the right decision. We make sure that your private party will have no uninvited guests. We always make sure the right amount of guests are inside to stop over crowding. We do this by counting the guest arriving at your event. Our door supervisors are very polite and respectful, they communicate on radios so they can keep in touch with their colleague.

All our door supervisors are dress in black suits, black tie, black shoes and a black coat if the weather is cold. All wear armbands to identify door supervisors from any other person coming into the club. In the event of the police being called to the premises it will help them immediately identify the door supervisors from the guests.

All our personnel are licensed by the (SIA) Security Industry Authority

:: retail security
:: static guard
:: mobile patrol
:: training course

Our strategy is to provide manned guarding, key-holding in accordance with the best professional practice and industry standards at a reasonable financial return.