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Shop-lifting is an ongoing battle within the retail industry having retail security guards monitor the movement of certain individuals entering your premises can help reduce the risk of shop lifting. On the shop floor or from an office monitoring center within the building. We can supply professional licensed security officers capable of doing such a job. In this sector, it is not an easy task to eradicate shop lifters. The cost and the must have of certain retail products is sometimes too greater temptation for certain individuals.

It is even becoming more dangerous for security guards within the retail sector as more and more are attacked when they approached by dangerous individuals that have no intention of paying for goods. Shopping centers are targeted by individuals or groups looking to take what is yours. The presence of the retail security guards takes away the need for you the business owner to intervene where you may believe an individual may have taken your property without paying. This is what you pay for. The risk of any danger is then transferred directly to our trained retail security officer.

All our personnel are licensed by the (SIA) Security Industry Authority

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Our strategy is to provide manned guarding, key-holding in accordance with the best professional practice and industry standards at a reasonable financial return.