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In an ever growing climate of instability more and more businesses and property owners are looking for ways to reduce crime and thief of there property. Static guarding is a good visual deterrent, dealing with access control for car parks, shop retail and office buildings. This visual presence seen by a potential culprit gives them a mental image that police are near by. As criminals link the dress code of the static guards enforcing the law. We have a static guard in the Camden area of London. We have been appointed by a software company to have a security presence in their office building and outside the office, as there were drug dealers and vagrants on their street. This made their female staff feel unsafe when they were arriving and leaving their place of work. Since we have been appointed the number of drug dealers and drug takers has dramatically reduced since the visual presence of our security officers.

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All our personnel are licensed by the (SIA) Security Industry Authority

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Our strategy is to provide manned guarding, key-holding in accordance with the best professional practice and industry standards at a reasonable financial return.